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"I am a 3rd generation Texan that grew up in a family of lawyers and judges which instilled in me a deep respect for the law, and an understanding of how it can be used to serve the public good and a passion for public service.

After graduating from Texas Tech University and St. Mary’s School of Law, I represented cities and governmental entities in a wide range of litigation throughout Texas from trial through appeal as well as representation of cities as assistant city attorney and special counsel. I have also served as a municipal court judge for the Cities of Castle Hills and Von Ormy, Texas.

I established my private law practice in 2011 representing clients in various complex litigation matters including business, real estate, election disputes, criminal and family law with a substantial emphasis on trial and appellate law.  I am a well-rounded attorney with experience in multiple areas of law and I believe firmly that the unbiased and fair application of the law is the foundation of a just and free society.

Thank you for visiting my campaign website to learn more about me and my campaign and I humbly ask for your support."

Adrian Spears

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